Martijn Arets

Explores the impact of platforms on people and society.

Who is Martijn Arets?

What impact does the platform economy have on people, organizations and society? 

My fascination for this question started in 2012. Since then, I seek answers by talking to all stakeholders involved, conducting research and participating in the public debate. I always do this out of curiosity and my role as an independent professional outsider.

I share my insights through my newsletter, presentations and contributions in (international) media. I also wrote several books on the topic and am founder of GigCV, a new data sharing standard to give platform workers access to their own CV data.


Platform Revolution – From Amazon to Zalando, the impact of platforms on how we work and live

Platforms like Amazon, Uber and, with their exponential growth capacity and unorthodox strategies, are having considerable impact. They affect people, organisations and society in various ways. What can other organizations learn from this? What makes these kinds of companies different? How can we as a society benefit from this development? And how can organizations and governments use platforms to reach their goals and customers?

With these questions in my pocket, I made 60 travels to 17 countries, where I spoke to over 600 stakeholders. In the Dutch book Platform Revolution, I talk about the most important developments, dilemmas and opportunities and outline a vision of the future.



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Algorithmic gamblification of work | The workers behind the ‘AI magic’ | New Airbnb regulation

Algorithmic gamblification of work | The workers behind the 'AI magic' | New Airbnb regulation
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Algorithmic gamblification of work | The workers behind the ‘AI magic’ | New Airbnb regulation

Good day! One minute you get a newsletter in your mailbox every week and the next you have to wait 3 weeks for it. As someone who loves surprises, I
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11,000 GigCV downloads! | Will the platform directive make a difference? | NYC Platform Cooperative | How India tries to ‘democratize’ shopping

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How Helpling’s bankruptcy exposes the flaws of the debate on the gig economy.

Good day! It has been silent for a while around the English version my newsletter on the platform economy. Whereas the Dutch edition appeared weekly and is now on its
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