Independent, approachable and always curious

As an independent voice and bridge-builder in the debate, I contribute to various studies on the platform economy. . Sometimes I start a research project out of my own curiosity. In addition, I often collaborate within universities and (international) consortia. This leads to both scientific publications and accessible background papers for a wide audience.

My own research

If I come across a fascinating issue, I look for partners who share my curiosity and initiate my own research. I share the results with all possible stakeholders to drive debate. For example, I set up and to make the extent of the platform market clear to a large audience.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

I recently started working two days a week at Haagse Hogeschool. I play a role in the brand-new lectureship Platform Economy and the minor ‘Build your own platform’. My focus is mainly on connecting with practice, initiating new lines of research and coaching and mentoring other researchers. For me, this is a way to increase my impact and secure and develop knowledge about platforms more broadly.

WageIndicator Foundation

  I am a member of the international ‘gig team’ of the WageIndicator Foundation. Our working group looks at developments in the platform economy from a global perspective, not skipping any continent.

Cooperation and support

Finally, I join consortia on this theme, such as NWO NWA PlatWork-r from Utrecht University. I also support various studies with my knowledge and network.

GigCV: from theory to practice

Sometimes research leads to new solutions. For example, I conducted research on the portability of reputation and transaction data for platform workers. This research was supported by several online platforms, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, UWV and FNV.

The outcome of this study was the inspiration for GigCV: an initial concept to share online data with platform workers in collaboration with four job platforms and other partners. Currently, together with scientists from five universities, I am researching the impact of GigCV on workers’ opportunities on the labor market. . Currently, GigCV has an impact on some 50,000 workers, in the coming years this number will grow to hundreds of thousands.


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