Als je dit verhaal mag geloven hebben VC’s steeds minder vertrouwen in ‘on demand delivery’ services.

Een paar oorzaken:

  • Delivery startups continue to grapple with fierce competition, thin margins and a host of operating challenges that have defied easy solutions or economies of scale
  • Widespread discounting and artificially low consumer prices have made on-demand delivery a race to the bottom
  • Many delivery startups, he said, “make the assumption that once you get bigger, things will get easier, and that’s wrong. There is driver churn, operations people that cost money, more support costs.”
  • “You can’t raise prices on consumers, and you can’t cut labor costs,” he said. “The core unit economics didn’t make sense.”

Een voorbeeld dat bewijst dat het toch lastig is om de link te leggen tussen de technologische ‘scaling’ logica en de ‘offline’ wereld.


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