Vorig jaar kwam de Europese Commissie met een rapport waarin zij een visie deelden ‘hoe om te gaan met de collaborative economy’. Het was een interessant stuk, maar wat ik zelf vooral miste was de vraag ‘welke verantwoordelijkheden mag je verwachten van een collaborative economy platform?’.

Afgelopen week deelde Neal Gorenflo in een blog de ‘key takeaways’ van het rapport:

  • Avoid regulatory fragmentation across the EU, but do so for the benefit of the public rather than just to spur economic growth
  • Form a collaborative economy forum for cities to help exchange knowledge
  • Conduct a rigorous local impact assessment as the collaborative economy is based in and spans localities
  • Tackle cross-cutting issues within the Urban Agenda for the EU, particularly that which relates to the digital transition
  • Take a holistic approach that considers the economic, social, and environmental assets of systems for sharing goods and services
  • Make sure that the collaborative economy doesn’t worsen the digital divide
  • Create an environment in which local services have a chance to thrive in local and world markets in context of a market often dominated by U.S. businesses


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