Photography Professional, but not by assignment You may have seen me with my camera during presentations and workshops. Photography helps me see things calmly from a distance. I have been photographing since childhood and increasingly take my camera with me on the road. Photography is often part of my work, but I cannot be hired […]


Consulting What are the implications of platformisation for your organization and sector?   As a platform expert and professional outsider, I provide informed, competent and independent advice. My position on the sidelines allows me to delve into the organisation while maintaining my independent view. This unique combination can greatly benefit clients: Knowledge about the impact […]


Research Independent, approachable and always curious As an independent voice and bridge-builder in the debate, I contribute to various studies on the platform economy. . Sometimes I start a research project out of my own curiosity. In addition, I often collaborate within universities and (international) consortia. This leads to both scientific publications and accessible background […]


Presentations Expert, interactive and customised I regularly give presentations on the impact of platforms on people, organizations and society. From my role as professional outsider and independent expert, I take my audience through the issues relevant to them objectively, critically and with humor. My presentations are always tailor-made. After all, the influence of platforms has […]